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Healthy development of top-down behavioural control is critical for the emergence of decisions and experiences that are adaptive to the given context and environment. When such maturational processes go awry it predisposes children and adolescents to the onset of mental health disorders. Our research focusses on understanding the role of top-down behavioural control in the regulation of socio-affective processes, decision-making, and learning across child- and adolescent development. Our work capitalizes on heightened neural and behavioural plasticity during childhood to test the effects of enrichment on behavioural control and how such enrichment can translate onto behavioural transfer in other domains and is mediated by changes in specific neural circuitry. To address these questions we use an array of methods including functional and structural imaging, psychophysiology, and paradigms derived from economic game theory and social and developmental psychology. Work in the DCP lab is generously supported by the Jacobs Foundation and the European Research Council.